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Pediatric Chiropractic at
Perry Family Chiropractic

Dr. Katy looking a little baby

Just like adults, children need proper spinal care. As children grow and develop, their nervous systems need support. Throughout childhood, a child’s brain undergoes tremendous growth. And during this period of growth, children’s spines can quickly get out of alignment. Even the smallest fall can challenge a child’s spinal cord.

At Perry Family Chiropractic, we encourage children to receive pediatric chiropractic care as a way to safeguard their spine and nervous systems.

One of the main benefits of pediatric chiropractic is a child’s improved immune system. “The expression of the nervous system is much different in kids who receive regular chiropractic care,” explains Dr. Katy. “Kids who receive chiropractic care generally recover from illnesses quicker. It’s not that they don’t get sick, they just recover quicker.” Additionally, children are living in such states of stress in today’s busy world.

Generally, emotional stress is coming out in some behaviors as kids don’t really know how to express it. By eliminating some of the stress on their nervous system, they are able to process things better.”

Other benefits of pediatric chiropractic may include:

  • Improves sleep and helps bed-wetting
  • Calmer nervous system and calmer behavior
  • Supports brain development
  • Eases ear infections
  • Soothes colicky babies
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves focus
  • Reduces allergies
  • Soothes headaches

Just as adults benefit from a calm nervous system, children do too. Pediatric adjustments support the connection between children’s brains and the rest of their bodies (just like adults). This process allows children to live in a more balanced state and to respond to stress better. Regular pediatric chiropractic care sets up children for ideal growth and development.


At Perry Family Chiropractic, we have the specific training to offer the safest and gentlest adjustments on kids and babies. There isn’t any twisting, popping, or turning. Instead, Dr. Katy uses her fingertips and knows how to focus on the precise area of the spine. She has trained with the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), which offers specialized chiropractic training in pregnancy and pediatric care.

Comfort and Ease

We also want you and your child to feel incredibly comfortable and at ease during all pediatric visits. Dr. Katy gives parents a detailed explanation of what happens during pediatric visits and she especially makes kids comfortable by being playful. “I get to have fun with kids!” she says. “I make sure kids are excited to be here and I get down to their level and show them any tools I might use.”

Pediatric chiropractic care is a supportive and preventive health care practice that more and more parents are embracing in North Platte. We want all kids to grow up in supportive and healthy communities and we believe that by offering exceptional pediatric chiropractic care, we can ensure a lifetime of health and happiness for your kids!

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Join us as we embrace our mission of supporting healthy function in children and babies so they can have the gift of a thriving and healthy childhood. Dr. Katy has adjusted thousands of children and assures parents that it is totally safe, and effective. She can’t wait to meet you and your family-book today!

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