At our chiropractic clinic, every family member gets the attention they need to bring out their optimum health potential.

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To ensure a lifetime of a healthy nervous system and spine, we educate each patient about the importance of maintaining their spinal health. Patients leave our clinic with a wealth of information that will keep them on the right path to optimal nervous system health.

 Dr. Katy has helped me so much, I don’t even know where to begin.  I own a cleaning business, so my job is very physical and takes a toll on my body.  I used to go to the massage therapist every other week for pain management.  About six months ago, my massage therapist suggested that I go see Dr. Katy because she felt as if I needed adjusted.  Dr. Katy was able to help me and now my pain is very minimal.  I no longer have to go to the massage therapist every other week and I get adjusted about every 3 weeks.  I have so much more energy, I stay focused, and I feel like I can do everything a wife, mom, and boss needs to do.

 I felt so much better, that I decided to start taking the kids to see Dr. Katy.  My oldest son, Quinton, had knee and hip problems from sports injuries and growing.  He feels much better, he no longer needs wrapped up for games and ice afterwards. My second son, Dom, was having horrible headaches and could not sleep.  His headaches are gone and is sleeping better at night.  My two younger kids, Gage and Gracie, behaviors have improved while visiting Dr. Katy.  They have been listening and staying more focused at home and school.

 We all enjoy going to the office.  The front desk ladies are amazing, and they make us feel so welcome.  The office atmosphere is so comfortable.  You’re definitely in for a relaxing treat when you visit Dr. Katy and her staff. 

 Thank you, Dr. Katy, Melissa, and Lesha for everything you do for me and my family.

 Serrita Allen and Family

It's never too early (or late) to start getting adjusted and set good nervous system habits in motion. These, combined with regular checkups and adjustments, will ensure a lifetime of spinal and nervous system health. We have the knowledge and expertise that will make lifetime care of  your families spine easy.


 The Allen/Vieyra Family

April 2019

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Every family members first visit with us starts with a comprehensive nervous system scan and detailed exam. We take the time to evaluate the unique nervous system challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom care plan can be created.

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