It's never too early (or late) to start getting adjusted and set good nervous system habits in motion. These, combined with regular checkups and adjustments, will ensure a lifetime of spinal and nervous system health. We have the knowledge and expertise that will make lifetime care of  your families spine easy.

May  2019

​Patient of the Month

​​​​​Chiropractic Exams

​Get the gift of an adjustment.

Every family members first visit with us starts with a comprehensive nervous system scan and detailed exam. We take the time to evaluate the unique nervous system challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom care plan can be created.

I started going to the chiropractor in Lincoln about 8 years ago when I got whiplash.  When I moved back to North Platte, I started seeing Dr. Katy.  From day one I’ve been impressed, with her knowledge and skill as a chiropractor as well as the personal connection she makes with patients.

 Working as a Dental Hygienist, I move my body into some uncomfortable positions that cause stress on my neck and back.  I know how important it is to keep things aligned so I stay out of pain and can be comfortable at work.  My routine chiropractic care improves the quality of my everyday life!!

 I’m so thankful for everything Dr. Katy and her staff have done for me!

 Annah LaRue

To ensure a lifetime of a healthy nervous system and spine, we educate each patient about the importance of maintaining their spinal health. Patients leave our clinic with a wealth of information that will keep them on the right path to optimal nervous system health.


Lifetime Care

At our chiropractic clinic, every family member gets the attention they need to bring out their optimum health potential.



 Annah LaRue