​Get the gift of an adjustment.


March 2019

​Patients of the Month

It's never too early (or late) to start getting adjusted and set good nervous system habits in motion. These, combined with regular checkups and adjustments, will ensure a lifetime of spinal and nervous system health. We have the knowledge and expertise that will make lifetime care of  your families spine easy.

Lifetime Care

​​​​​Chiropractic Exams


To ensure a lifetime of a healthy nervous system and spine, we educate each patient about the importance of maintaining their spinal health. Patients leave our clinic with a wealth of information that will keep them on the right path to optimal nervous system health.
At our chiropractic clinic, every family member gets the attention they need to bring out their optimum health potential.

 As we all know, live can be hard, especially with life style changes and moves.  When we moved to North Platte 3 years ago from Colorado, I dreaded it.  All my caregivers were no longer with me and it was too far to travel.

 My biggest love for Dr. Katy’s chiropractic care is, I gained control of my physical and emotional life.

 Dr. Katy- your ability and knowledge of addressing and maintaining your patients’ well-being is amazing!!  I never thought we could find a chiropractor who could give our bodies relief and the ability to have a normal of a life as possible.

 We are doing things we love and are appreciating each moment in life.

 -Bob and Raylene Brinkmeyer

Every family members first visit with us starts with a comprehensive nervous system scan and detailed exam. We take the time to evaluate the unique nervous system challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom care plan can be created.


 Bob and Raylene Brinkmeyer