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December 2018

​Patients of the Month

 Rickie and I have been coming to Dr. Katy for several years.  Rickie started going because he gets migraines and scoliosis.  I started seeing Dr. Katy to help me keep in alignment since I enjoy working out and lifting weights.  She is my first call if I tweak something from bad form during a workout. 

 We started bringing Stone to see Dr. Katy 2 years ago, shortly after he was born.  Stone was born with the assistance of forceps and we noticed that he was always leaning his head to the left.  Dr. Katy noticed this and help realign him and now he has a perfectly round shaped head, because he will sleep on both sides.  I believe bringing him in to get adjusted saved him from having to have a helmet.  Stone also had quite a few ear infections after beginning daycare.  There were a few times when Dr. Katy was able to adjust Stone and we were able to get through the sore ears without any antibiotics.  He now has monthly appointments with Dr. Katy and has only been sick twice this past year, even while attending public daycare.

 Sumar is a senior and just finished her final volleyball season.  Halfway through the season she was having a lot of back and neck pain.  Dr. Katy was able to help her relieve her pain by getting her back in alignment, so she could finish out the season.

 We love Dr. Katy and are so thankful for her!

 Rickie, Erica, Sumar, and Stone Mathews

Every family members first visit with us starts with a comprehensive nervous system scan and detailed exam. We take the time to evaluate the unique nervous system challenges that may be lurking, so that a custom care plan can be created.

It's never too early (or late) to start getting adjusted and set good nervous system habits in motion. These, combined with regular checkups and adjustments, will ensure a lifetime of spinal and nervous system health. We have the knowledge and expertise that will make lifetime care of  your families spine easy.


To ensure a lifetime of a healthy nervous system and spine, we educate each patient about the importance of maintaining their spinal health. Patients leave our clinic with a wealth of information that will keep them on the right path to optimal nervous system health.


 The Mathews Family

At our chiropractic clinic, every family member gets the attention they need to bring out their optimum health potential.