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About Perry Family Chiropractic

Creating Vibrant Communities, One Family at a Time

At Perry Family Chiropractic, we focus on creating healthy and happy communities by focusing on pediatrics and pregnancy. We are connected to a lot of other excellent providers in North Platte and aim to help you create your ideal health team.

Dr. Katy’s goal is to welcome your family with open arms and to make the whole process as easy as possible for you. “I want all patients to know that I will make them as comfortable as possible,” she says. “I want to be more of a friend than a clinician!” Dr. Katy talks her patients clearly through every step of the way and has a lot of tools in her toolbelt to share.

One of the guiding principles at Perry Family Chiropractic is the focus on creating relationships. Dr. Katy is committed to treating her patients the way she wants to be treated: with respect, honesty, compassion, and love. We have all experienced long waits and not been given the attention we deserve at appointments. It’s different at Perry Family Chiropractic and it’s different on purpose: “My chiropractic office is heart-driven, not business-driven,” says Dr. Katy.

Supporting Mothers and Babies

Besides working with children, Dr. Katy is passionate about supporting pregnant and postpartum mothers. It is a tender, often challenging time and Dr. Katy’s compassion and gentle adjustments make everything a little easier. She also works with a lot of women who may be trying to become pregnant. As she supports their bodies, they often find emotional relief and a trusted partner, as well as someone to help their nervous system calm down, which aids in conception.

On the other end of the spectrum, Dr. Katy loves working with new parents and offering them some much-needed care. “Often these new parents come in exhausted, stressed and sleep-deprived due to an unsettled baby. It’s amazing when I can offer a simple pediatric adjustment that allows everyone to settle,” says Dr. Katy.

Bringing Balance to The Nervous System

At Perry Family Chiropractic, Dr. Katy focuses on the nervous system. The nervous system controls how we feel and function in the world. When one’s nervous system is stressed, we are more prone to disease and begin living in a state of “fight or flight” response, which is our body’s response to a threat. This is helpful in an emergency, but not in daily life. Dr. Katy frequently sees patients who are experiencing fatigue, low energy, anxiety, and lack of sleep. These symptoms are actually the effects of an imbalanced nervous system.

Chiropractic care is very calming for the entire body because it focuses on restoring healthy pathways between the brain and the nervous system. The spinal cord, made up of a fragile tube-like structure that begins at the end of the brainstem and continues down to the bottom of the spine, serves as the switchboard for the nervous system. Feedback from the brain is able to make its way down a healthy spine. However, when there is stress in the spine, there is stress in the nervous system and the body isn’t able to function at its best. Specialized chiropractic care from Dr. Katy alleviates a lot of common ailments associated with stress and a depleted nervous system.

I really love helping people, on big and small scales. My heart really goes out to my patients and I am committed to helping my patients get their spark back and help support their mind and body.

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